Stripping, waxing        & Sealing

For waxing and maintenance:  We recommend completely stripping & refinishing your floors every 6 months to a year depending on wear and tear from foot traffic and other variables.

The stripping solution is put down with a 35-gallon tank on rollers with a 4-foot wide tube with holes throughout to spread the wax/finish evenly. 

The stripping solution dwells for 5-10 minutes to “melt’ the wax/finish so it can be scrubbed off the floor with our swing arm and auto-scrubbers. We then vacuum up the dirty solution, neutralize the floor and apply 4 coats of 25% solid high-gloss (satin available on request) finish. If wax/finish has light dirt we have a scrub and re-coat option which is more economical. We then scrub off the top layer of dirty wax/finish and apply 2-3 fresh coats of wax/finish.

This option is suggested every quarter or twice a year. We also do nightly, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly floor cleaning service maintenance. The frequency depends on foot traffic and wear on your floor surface.

Please feel free to ask for a free estimate and suggestions.

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