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Polished concrete is achieved by grinding off the cream surface to then expose the aggregates below. This method will resemble a salt and pepper appearance. Once the aggregate is exposed using a Lavina concrete grinder, the polishing process uses different “grits” until the desired gloss finish has been achieved. This yields the most durable finish and requires the least maintenance.


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Thanks to its reflective finish, polished concrete can brighten up a workplace. This smooth, polished surface will maximize the effects of lighting in the area. This offers additional visibility in warehouses, kitchens, and other settings

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Polished concrete flooring is extremely strong and resilient and is able to withstand the pressure from very heavy foot traffic and equipment. It is very difficult to damage and chip.

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Does polished concrete add value?

Polished concrete floors can actually increase the resale value of your space.

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Concrete Services

Floor services we offer:

    • Grinding & polishing of interior concrete slabs                                                              
    • Deep cleaning & sealing of many types of concrete floors                                                            
    • Cleaning & maintenance: Daily, weekly, monthly & annual on Concrete, VCT (vinyl-composite-tile) as well as other various flooring types                    
    • Stripping & Refinishing (waxing) of floors                                                                 
    • Clean and Burnish (AKA polishing/buffing) of floors

What Our Customers Say

J & S Gant-Cline
June 9, 2022


Kira Krimkevich
November 16, 2021

John and his crew are great to work with! Our finished basement flooded and instead of putting in new carpet or wood, we decided to polish our concrete slab. We LOVE how it turned out. John's crew was very thoughtful and kept the rest of our house nice and tidy during their work. The team is professional and did a wonderful job. If you are thinking about polishing any concrete in your home, I would highly recommend VIP!

Jim Talaga
May 12, 2020

I have run a local service business for twenty years, and it's very hard to earn a 5-star rating from me. VIP is an excellent company from top to bottom; diligent, dependable, experienced and knowledgeable. They have my highest recommendation.

Lynds Walter
January 13, 2020

I wish I would rate higher than 5 stars! VIP Polished Concrete is the place to go! Everything turned out better than I dreamed. Incredible work, great pricing, and such great customer service. They really captured what we wanted. I couldn't be more pleased. So worth it. I highly recommend this Company!

October 15, 2019

Such amazing pieces. I have gotten many pieces and they are really well made and amazing gifts

Rhea Wallace
September 28, 2019

VIP does really excellent work. I’ve been considering resurfacing my garage for months. I emailed John through his website in the evening and he responded that night. Called me first thing in the morning and started my job the next day. He said they would start at 6:30am and at 6:20am they were in my drive way. They resurfaced my garage in one day and applied the hardener the next day. It was complete by noon. They do detail manual work in the corners where the machine cannot go. It looks fantastic, so much better than painted floors. The aggregate shows through with a glossy finish. John was there throughout the process and a pleasure to do business with. Kudos to you John!

Racheal LaMar
September 21, 2019

Great company with very knowledge and helpful staff! Amazing product and craftsmanship.

Shawn Calvin Gantt
September 17, 2019

John & his crew did a superb job! I love walking in my garage now. I myself years ago worked in this industry so I know how it is supposed to be done. One step a lot of concrete contractors will skip is the edges. It's tedious work to get on your hands and knees to make the few inches along the perimeter shine like the rest - And They Did The Edges! Would recommend to anyone!

taylor Zirians
September 7, 2019

Such a knowledgeable staff, awesome customer service! You can tell they put blood, sweat, and tears into each job! They really care about the customers happiness! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

Jestine Wilson
September 5, 2019

Love their work! Great customer service. I highly recommend!

Alan Hougen
September 4, 2019

Extremely quick and efficient service. Staff was extremely kind, great service and rates

September 3, 2019

Out to give us something great to step on! They know what they are doing and went above and beyond to provide impeccable floors and customer service. I definitely will recommend to all friends and family!

Aaron Rogers
September 3, 2019

Great company with great people! You'll be "floored" by the finished product... Pun intended, but sincere review.

Eric Borgman
August 29, 2019

Great company to work with!! Thanks for making our floors amazing.

Amber Peterson
August 28, 2019

What am incredible company! I am really impressed with the professionalism, quality and kindness. I’m also really impressed with the punctuality with responses, informative answers and their constant desire to go above and beyond. Give these guys a call, you’ll love their work and working with them.

Paul Salzman
February 22, 2019

These guys are great. We got quality work done. They’re pricing was reasonable and the best part is they did what they said they would do, they were friendly, and timely. This was one of the better home improvement experiences we’ve had. Thanks!

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